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♠ You should get it! In need of more players! Cmonnn its fun!

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Doodle Club is a free mobile app released in October of 2011 for Nook, iOS, and Android by Chroma Club. It is an image creating application aimed at all ages. It features a drawing pad, an online profile, gallery, chatjobs, store, and feed.

Doodle Club Pro was released in February of 2014 as a paid application. The two apps are almost identical with the Social Area feature, but the drawing pads have different features. Doodle Club Pro was intended as an upgrade from its free predecessor, and is downloaded as a seperate application.But is very common to have hate,online dating,bullying,tracers,art theives and many more,what do you except its a free online game.Its basically more kid friendly verion of devianart and common social media.

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First, check out the rules and guidelines. Then see How to write a Doodle Club Wiki page for our style guide of sorts. Somewhat. Then, if you don't want to have your I.P. address put up online, create an account! Then find something that needs to be fixed -- like, for example, see a red link? Create the page! See a wanted image? Get the wanted image! Someone got a question? Answer it! Happy editing!

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